Frequently Asked Questions

Legal & Internal Affairs Volunteer

If you have or want to have some Legal experience and if you would like to work on some unique and interesting Legal issues and love simplifying complicated problems. By joining the Legal & Internal Affairs Unit you can gain practical experience of working in an international Organization! Use the link below to apply.

Partnerships Volunteer

Are you interested in establishing and supporting EMA partnerships? It’s important that you possess basic business communication skills and interest in working remotely. You don’t need to be an expert: rather, it is important that you are accountable, self-motivated, and have a go-getter mindset.

Finances Volunteer

If you want to be part of the Financial Management Unit, you can bring to the table your skills, background and knowledge in any of the fields of work of the teams. You don’t need to be an expert; rather, it is essential that you have good organizational skills. Candidates who have proficiency in budget planning and managing accounting activities are preferred.

Programme Representative

EMA can nominate Programme Representatives for ANY of the running and no-longer running Erasmus Mundus Joint Programmes. EMA PRs are the connection between EMA and a specific Erasmus Mundus course, its students, alumni and faculty (e.g. Programme Coordinator). A PR helps students/alumni of a programme to network, get useful information, and solve problems. Before applying, please check if there is already an existing PR for your programme here, and learn more about the S&A Unit here.

Country Representative

You can be an EMA CR in any country as long as you are a resident of the country. EMA CRs connect EMA, the local EMA community and share information about EMA activities in a specific country. EMA CRs are the first point of contact for interested prospective EMJMD students and in touch with local EU Delegations. CRs represent EMA in their on-duty country, help promote the Erasmus Mundus programme, assist new EMJMD students or candidates on how to apply for or prepare for their Erasmus Mundus studies and organise local events. Check out EMAs current CRs and additional information on the CR page.

Project Lead

EMA Project Leaders are volunteers leading an EMA project or network. EMA projects are largely manifold and can, but do not have to be limited in time and team size. Examples can be found on our Project Overview page. EMA project teams with a more general focus and long-term aim can be established as EMA networks. If you have an idea that aligns with EMA's mission and vision and are interested in becoming a Project Leader, check out the Project Leader page.