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  • Where I can watch the church live-stream service?
    If you have a Facebook account, visit the church's public Facebook page. Hit "like" to follow CPC on Facebook. At 10:45 am CST on every Sunday, the church will start a Facebook Live event of the church's worship service. If you do not have a Facebook account, visit the CPC Sermon Live-Stream webpage to watch the church live-stream service on Facebook Live at 10:45 am CST every Sunday. This page will redirect you to the public Facebook page. You do not have to have a Facebook account to watch a public Facebook Live.
  • Where can I find video or audio recordings of the sermon?
    Visit the CPC Sermons page to find this week's YouTube sermon video recording, audio podcasts, and an archive of audio recordings. You can also find podcasts on Apple Podcasts.
  • Where can I find the bulletin for the worship service?
    The bulletin will be published on the Bulletin webpage every Saturday. You will also find an archive of all 2020 bulletins. The bulletin provides an overview of the order of worship including scripture readings, sermon scripture passage and sermon outline, and worship songs for this week's service. You will also find contact information for our community group leaders, church officers, and ministry team leaders.
  • Where can I find CPC on Facebook?
    Our public Facebook page provides access to our online sermons, public events, as well as our contact information. Hit "like" to follow us for updates, to watch our live-streamed worship services, and more. Our private, closed Facebook group is a place for current attendees and members to stay up-to-date on prayer requests, learn about upcoming public and private CPC events, ask questions, and watch Facebook Live events geared toward our CPC family. Type in "CPC Clarksville" to request to join our private group. Only members of this closed group can see what you like, post or comment.
  • I am still having trouble. Who do I contact?
    Please email Kristin Benoit with any remaining questions or issues.
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