Sunday School

Our Sunday School classes are on a break from May 24 until August 16, as previously stated. This annual break provides a much needed sabbath for our Sunday school teachers.

Families with Young Children

  • Geared toward adults and their children ages Pre-K through Middle School.

  • Taught by Anna McMurry and other education ministry team members.

  • The curriculum is based on GCP (Sunday School publisher) materials.

Families with Youth

  • Geared toward adults and their children ages Middle School through High School.

  • Taught by Dale and Amy Massey, Colin and April Foster, and Stephen Lee.

  • The curriculum is based on "The Gathering" materials, which is put together by a consortium of PCA youth pastors.

Adult Class

  • Geared toward any adult not participating in a different Sunday School class.

  • Taught by members of Christ Presbyterian.

  • The curriculum is the Heidelberg Catechism.

For more information, please email our Administrative Assistant.

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