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Our History

The History of Christ Presbyterian Church

     The themes of the life of Christ Presbyterian Church are themes of blessing, change, and stability. Our church has been blessed to have strong leadership, stable membership, and consistent provision over its lifetime. God has given this church its daily bread for over 25 years, and we are thankful. Here's a little more about the significant moments in the life of our church. Thank you to Elder John Stitt for providing this information.

     The planting of Christ Presbyterian Church officially began July 1, 1997. The church particularized April 2001. Richard Schwartz began as the called pastor September 2002.


     Before Christ Presbyterian, there was an attempt at a PCA church plant that failed  sometime prior to 1995.  George and Mary Leavell and the couple that owned the Christian radio station in Hopkinsville and a few others were involved. This effort was unsuccessful, but not the end of the road.

     In December of 1996  Charles MCGowan connected Mike Goodwin and John Stitt with Curt McDaniel.  Curt raised about $200,000, with more pledged, to begin the work of planting a PCA church in Clarksville.  On July 4, 1997, Curt McDaniel’s Family moved to Clarksville, TN to plant a PCA church. About seven families began meeting weekly (McDaniel, Goodwin, Miracle, Stone, Prins, Fairbrother, Stitt) or more, for Bible Study.


     The church asked APSU about meeting somewhere on campus, and they emphatically said no.  Forty-eight other places said no.  In October of 1997, on Columbus Day, the elders met again with APSU, and recieved a yes with the conditions of using the Clement Auditorium on Sunday Mornings only, no signs except on Sundays,  no classrooms,  no storage. CPC had our first worship service in the Clement Auditorium in November 1997. During this time, the Stanfills, Kendrick-Holmes, Bill Smithfield, Leavells, and a few others began attending.


     Officer training for Mike Goodwin, Danny Miracle, and John Stitt began in July 1997 with Curt McDaniel and interspersed with mock/practice exams by Charles MCGowan, Charles DeWitt, David Filson, and others.  This continued for about two years when Dimon Kendrick- Holmes and Bill Smithfield were added to the training and Mike Goodwin moves.


     On January 18, 1999 Tornado hit Clarksville and APSU. From February to June 1999 the church met at Clarksville Academy. By June 1999 CPC moved backed to APSU in the Kimbrough building with storage, classrooms, nursery, etc. During this time, the Nussbaumers and Hamptons started attending.  Many military families came and went and some came again! The Lee family joined, and they did a tremendous job of helping CPC grow.  Stephen developed a plan for the property, church house, church building, and grounds. 

  In April of 2001, Christ Presbyterian Church particularized by the PCA.

      In September of 2002,  Richard Schwartz and family moved to Clarksville, TN as our called pastor, and still our pastor today.



     July 1, 1997 was when we began operating as a “business” as the church plant Clarksville PCA.  This was the business that paid rent at APSU and later The Clarksville Academy and then APSU again and applied for the loan to purchase the property and build the church building.


     The first official documents were signed by Mike Goodwin, Danny Miracle, and John Stitt.  Mike moved away and George Leavell was added as trustee to our business documents.  Later, about the time we particularized as Christ Presbyterian Church in April 2001, Bill Smithfield and Dimon Kendrick-Holmes were added to the documents.


     This history is being added to and updated, if you have more to share, please reach out to us using the form below.

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