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Spiritual Gifts


One of the wondrous realities we discover in Scripture is the purposeful intentionality with which our sovereign gracious God works. This holds true for all things - including all our circumstances and even how each of us was designed. But how might we discover the way the Lord has made us? How might we explore what His particular purposes for us might include?

A very comprehensive tool that we recommend is called the Gift Inventory Test. This assessment is a very helpful way to discover how God has made you and how you can most effectively serve in His kingdom.

I encourage you to set aside some time to dig into this assessment test. Take the time to learn more about yourself, one another, and how you were built to be specific part of the body of Christ. Those who have taken it have found it to be very illuminating, perhaps revealing nuances they hadn't even considered. We hope this tool will be as beneficial to you as it has been to us.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Richard Schwartz

Gift Inventory Test

When you finish the assessment, please send your servant profile information to Kristin Benoit by email

Knowing the gifting of each member of our CPC family will help us better know one another as well as understand how we work together as one body of believers.

Sermon Series

Below is a sermon series on spiritual gifts, in both audio and manuscript formats, by Pastor Richard Schwartz in September 2019.

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