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How do I join the church?

The answer entails a few simple steps. First, the "Inquirer Course" (more on that below). Second, an informal meeting with the elders of the church to give them an opportunity to hear of how our Lord has moved in your life. And third, the taking of your membership vows before the congregation.

Why should I attend?

For starters, it's one of the necessary steps for membership. We really want you to understand where we're coming from before you take the formal step of actually joining Christ Presbyterian. It's a great opportunity not only to learn more about the church but to get to know others who have recently started attending as well.

When do we meet?

We meet on two consecutive Sundays during the Sunday School hour, with a lunch following the worship service on the first class day. We try to offer this course once a quarter. Please RSVP by email to the church office or sign up on Church Center.

What if I miss it?

Not to worry. Again, the course will be offered once a quarter so another opportunity will be coming soon.

What is the format?

We cover a broad range of topics, each intended to communicate the vision of our church (who we are, what we do, how we do it) in a way that allows for both formal teaching and class interaction.

Think of the "Inquirer Course" as something akin to pre-marital counseling. Marriage is too significant to enter into it lightly. You need to know your partner and the principles that shape the relationship. So too with this class.

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