I was born in 1967 in Richmond, Virginia. I grew up in the home my parents built and moved into when I was 2 years old (they still live there). My brother and I enjoyed the blessings of being in a stable and loving household. We played a lot of soccer and devoted untold hours to restoring a couple of old Ford Mustangs.



Though I had been a part of a local church all my life, I never really heard and embraced the good news of the gospel until late in my high school years. High school was hard. I was struggling to try and make sense of what life was about. In the midst of this, I was invited to some "Young Life" meetings where they spoke to the hurts of my heart and the healing of Christ in a way I had never heard. In the summer of 1984, the Lord finally opened my eyes wide enough to see my need of Him and the richness of a life yielded to Him. Never have I regretted that change of my life's direction.


After high school I went to study at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!). During my years in Blacksburg, I was exposed to several different ministries and had the privilege of serving in a variety of ways. After graduating with a degree in Economics in 1989, I took a job in the Trust Department of a major bank back in Richmond and worked there for about two and a half years. During that time, the leadership of the church my wife and I had joined gave me several teaching opportunities. This confirmed a desire in my heart to study and teach on a more regular basis. We left Richmond in July of 1992 and headed west to Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. There I received a solid education, pastoral training, and encountered (again) many new opportunities of service.



After graduation in May of 1996, I served as an assistant pastor at Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Clover, South Carolina. The two and a half years there gave me exposure to a wide breadth of ministry. In October of 1998, we moved to Peoria, Illinois where I served as an assistant pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA). This again exposed me to a great deal yet also allowed me to focus more upon my particular strengths – in particular, teaching and preaching. In late August of 2002, we moved here to Clarksville where I am currently serving as the teaching elder at Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA).

Sarah and I were married in the spring of 1990. Since then our household has seen some delightful additions – Hannah, Alex, and Emma. A dog and two cats have joined us as well.




God makes Himself known to us in many ways. The book of Romans says "His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen through creation." Very often we are unaware that He is pursuing us and we can often be unaware of His hand at work in and around our lives. This was the case with my life.


Attending church was a familiar event for my family. We were often the ones who arrived first and unlocked the doors and as well as the ones who turned the lights off and leave. We were at church Sunday morning, night, Wednesday night, Thursday night to clean. I even learned to drive in the back parking lot of the church with a friend while waiting for my father finish in the church. When I was around 9 years old, God used the weekly teaching and preaching of the Bible to bring me to Himself. Although I tried to be a good person as I was taught at home and in church, I realized the frustration that I could never meet God's standard. His standard was perfection and although I thought I was pretty good, I fell way short even as a 9-year-old.


But the Bible said God gave me something I didn't deserve…that He provided a substitute in my place which was perfect and a substitute which met God's standard. A substitute that didn't require my hard work to earn, it was a gift. Jesus was that gift. God made it clear that I was a sinner and I needed a savior and I trusted Christ at that point in my life.


My life was different and I knew that God had changed me. Unfortunately the understanding of growing as a believer was not strongly promoted in our church so after this time I was easily persuaded to hang out with school friends who were far from spiritually minded. Pleasing friends by following the crowd became my motivation since I had little other spiritual growth and influence during by teenage years. Many of the friends I partied with were at church with me on Sunday morning.


During my senior year of high school the Lord used many events to bring me to a point of recognizing that I was not being honest with my self, my family and friends. The dissatisfaction grew in my life with my inability to do the right things no mater how hard I tried with my own strength. I remember praying that God would strengthen me spiritually the summer before leaving for college so I could withstand the temptations I would inevitably be confronted with. What I didn't understand was the need for Christian fellowship to challenge me and help me grow. Although I didn't grow much spiritually that particular summer, God answered that prayer by surrounding me with friends at school who wanted to help me grow spiritually and for the first time I understood how important the godly influence of other believers studying the Bible and praying together can be. The Lord lead me to a church that understood the needs of College students and I grew to love reading the Bible and grew in my desire to honor God with my life.


There is no way I could have orchestrated these life events, God is so faithful to protect and provide in our lives the things that are eternal. He can be trusted. He desires that we know Him and he has provided the way through our Lord Jesus Christ. John 6:37-40.

 Because of the grace and love God has demonstrated toward me, my motivation to see others grow and mature spiritually through His church is natural. While I was single I had the privilege of serving as a college student leader while at the University of Tennessee and later in Atlanta as a leader in an international student ministry that grew from 30 students to over 300. Meeting Christians from all over the world was both a privilege and a humbling experience especially when listening to many of these students pray for their fellow students, families and countrymen with such compassion.


In 1989 Tina and I met and were married and our serving turned to preschool and young married families. Now it is a privilege for my family and me to serve and grow with you at Christ Presbyterian Church.



Dave, an elder here at Christ Presbyterian since 2012, is married to the former Paige Halliwell and the father of their son, Brendan.  He served as both a battalion and, later, as the Rear-Headquarters Group Chaplain at 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, deploying twice with them during Operation Iraqi Freedom II and III.  He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, California, and, most recently, a Master of Science in Professional Counseling from David Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.


Dave enjoys spending time with his family, a good deal of reading, fly-fishing and tying, hunting and shooting, gardening, and beekeeping. 



I was born at an early age in Jackson, Tennessee. I moved to Clarksville in 1989. I have two sons, Asa IV (25) and William (23) and a wife of 29 years, Kacy. I write patents, search patents, do technical drawings, and usualy fix lunch for a local patent attorney. I have been a member of the church since its inception. I have served in the nursery, cut the grass, picked up trash and weed eated along the boundaries, (our passers by prefer Bud Light two to one) and taught adult and children's Sunday school classes. Currently, I serve in the toddlers' nursery.

My wife, Kacy, is active in many women's ministries, and teaches teen aged girls Sunday school classes and women's Bible Studies. She also is part of the crew which cleans the church every week, and along with Mary Leavell, brow beat the pastor selection committee into hiring Richard.




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