We are here not for our own glory but for the Lord’s. This demands a response of radical trust and obedience in worshipping and serving Him and not ourselves. We gather each week in corporate worship for a time of declaring the worth of the true and living God as our Creator and Redeemer, pulling our affections off of our idols and putting them back upon Him.

We anticipate that non-Christians will be both present and drawn to the God of grace through the worship of His people.


We yield ourselves to both the authority and the sufficiency of the Word of God. The life and ministry of this church is governed not by the imaginations of man but by the light of Scripture.The focus of the teaching and preaching is the exposition and application of the Bible to all of life, incorporating a winsome presentation of the Reformed Faith in all its beauty.


We long for the transforming grace of the gospel in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. We will provide a safe place for the wounded and the seeking to heal and to search for truth. As the recipients of God’s great mercy and grace, we
are committed to demonstrating that mercy and grace in practical ways.


Because of both the universal longing within for community and the intrinsic isolation and loneliness of our culture, we will pursue creative and intentional avenues for cultivating deep and genuine relationships and fellowship. Taking seriously our Lord’s call to love one another, we are committed to biblical peacemaking in response to conflict. Knowing a church and a community are ultimately only as strong as the family, we will seek to both build up marriages and train in parenting. We
will labor together to train our children as heirs of the covenant with a biblical worldview applied towards all of life. Balancing both the authority of the elders and the giftedness of the laity, we will utilize a team ministry philosophy: delegating key decisions for the life and ministry of the church while maintaining oversight by the shepherds of the church.


Our mission field is four dimensional: our local area and individual relationships (Jerusalem), our nation (Judea), those unlike ourselves (Samaria), and the world (the ends of the earth). Recognizing that the most critical work of the church takes place as she is dispersed in the COMMUNITY, we will both equip and send our members to faithfully serve in their own respective mission fields. Aware of the dynamics of Clarksville and the surrounding area (both culturally and geographically), we will build bridges of communication in a way that connects with our local mission field. Included in this field are the military and university communities. Deliberate steps will be taken to multiply ourselves by being a mother church to daughter churches. Seeing both the immensity of the task before us and the wealth of the resources at our disposal, we are committed to relying upon the work of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.